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Mustafa Dikici Moda TAsarim

My Journey

Mustafa Dikici: The Intersection of Art and Fashion

Hello, I'm Mustafa Dikici, a fashion designer on a journey where art and fashion intersect. I began my career in 2016 when I graduated from the Fine Arts High School's Painting Department. In the same year, I entered the world of fashion by securing the top spot in the Fashion and Textile Design department at Yeditepe University. Viewing fashion design not only as clothing but also as an art form forms the foundation of my designer identity.

I took my first steps in my career by working with Tanju Babacan, an experience that allowed me to become familiar with the fashion industry up close and to learn extensively. Throughout my educational journey, I worked with various brands and in different areas, including Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Istanbul, Elle, E-Think Brands, Kert, Çorapsepeti, and DKC. These experiences enabled me to gain diverse perspectives and explore various aspects of fashion.

In 2016, I graduated and immediately prepared my first collection, drawing inspiration from disco culture and military concepts. This collection represented the beginning of my active, enjoyable yet challenging journey in the industry after graduation. I draw my inspiration and strength from my inner world and often shape my collections based on powerful experiences or emotions. My creations are a fusion of form and function.

Today, I continue to work towards becoming a global brand, transcending the boundaries of Turkish design. By celebrating the fusion of art and design in the world of fashion, I will continue to create unique and original collections. Fashion, for me, is not just clothing but also a form of expression and a part of art, and I remain focused on future projects with this passion.

I am excited to share the unique intersection of fashion and art with you and hope to inspire you with my future designs.


Thank you.

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